About the DOC Institute

DOC Institute is an initiative of the Ontario chapter of the Documentary Organization of Canada. After several vital Canadian programs for filmmakers closed their doors, DOC Ontario undertook extensive research and conducted interviews with documentary practitioners to determine what they needed to make their films, make connections and make it. The result of that research is the DOC Institute. With the aim of supporting doc-makers’ creative journeys, the DOC Institute is a hub for established and emerging voices in the non-fiction world. Through its program streams—the Masters Series, the Producers Exchange and DOC Connects—the DOC Institute offers essential professional development for documentary media artists of all levels.

About DOC Ontario

The Ontario Chapter of the Documentary Organization of Canada is the organization’s oldest and largest chapter. Formerly known as the Canadian Independent Film & Video Caucus, DOC Ontario began as an advocacy group in 1983. In its 30-year history, DOC Ontario conceived of the Hot Docs International Film Festival and Point of View Magazine, as well as successfully lobbied for the creation of Telefilm Canada’s documentary broadcast envelope. Today, DOC Ontario has over 450 active members—including award-winning directors, writers, editors, producers, cinematographers and researchers—forming the unified regional voice of the Documentary Organization of Canada.




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