5 Tips For Applying to DOC Institute’s New Visions Incubator

Are you a young filmmaker? Do you live near Toronto, Sudbury, or Belleville? Apply today to New Visions Incubator, an exciting new documentary mentorship program that will get your project camera-ready.

Nervous about applying? Don’t be! Here are some tips for a strong application: 

(1) Ask yourself: Why are you the best person to tell this story? 

Try to focus on a project that you are uniquely qualified to tell, both practically and artistically. Ask yourself: Why is this project exciting to me? Why am I the best person to tell this story?

Whether it’s unique access, a personal passion for the material, or personal expertise in the story, let us know.

(2) Didn’t go to film school? Don’t worry. 

Formal training is not a requirement for this program. If you have previously enrolled in a film program, or in workshops/training seminars, include that info! But if you haven’t, don’t sweat it.

Just be sure to include your personal and professional experience and achievements specific to media. Show how you’re actively trying to participate in the documentary or media world.



(3) Show that you are motivated. 

When you’re in the program, you’ll have to set your own goals. What do you expect to achieve in the program? Which parts of the development process do you want to focus on?

In your application, show that you are motivated. Highlight personal achievements in your CV. In your written statements, emphasize goals that are realistically achievable but still personally challenging.

(4) Demonstrate your passion. 

This does not equate to years of experience, scores of credits or even formal academic training. Ask yourself: why are you excited about documentary? How do you see yourself contributing to the Canadian tradition of documentary? Include this in your statement of interest!

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(5) Include a work sample if you have it! 

While a work sample isn’t absolutely necessary, visual aids are always a plus. If you have a video clip, sample footage, a written outline, or any other creative material, include it in your application!

The deadline to apply is March 26 before midnight. Apply now!