The Creative Producers' Think Tank Report

Recommendations from experienced BIPOC producers to reimagine the documentary production landscape

The Creative Producers’ Think Tank provided a unique opportunity for a group of mid-career and senior level producers from racially diverse backgrounds to participate in a 4- day intensive gathering. These participants were invited to reimagine a documentary ecosystem that recognizes the distinct needs of producers who have created critically acclaimed projects despite systemic barriers in traditional models of production and financing in Canada. The closed door sessions allowed participants to share professional experience, do deep dives into policies and protocols, and collaboratively reflect on a re-imagined landscape.



Giving these producers who have succeeded against systemic barriers the space to collaborate and imagine a system that supports and celebrates diverse storytellers is at the core of what the Creative Producers’ Think Tank seeks to accomplish.


The content of this report is derived from participant driven presentations, brainstorming, and peer-sharing that took place during the Think Tank. Each day was divided into sessions exploring a different specific aspect of the industry. Think Tank participants and invited speakers gave short talks in their individually defined areas of expertise, followed by brainstorming, and peer-sharing sessions. The topics for discussion were largely determined through the preliminary research and conversations with a number of experienced producers and with the active collaboration of the NFB.

Support provided by Bell Fund and the Holdbest Foundation.